The world premiere of “A Dark, Dark Man” film by Adilkhan Yerzhanov took place in Spain

Yesterday, September 23, the world premiere of “A Dark, Dark Man” film by Adilkhan Yerzhanov took place in Spain. The film screened as part of main competition program at 67th San Sebastian International Film Festival which will close September, 28. This is the 7th feature film directed by Yerzhanov and is made by Astana Film Fund company with participation of Short Brothers and Arizona Productions. The international competition jury is be presided by the famous Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan (“Interview with a Vampire”, “Breakfast on Pluto”).

The press conference with participation of the film’s team took place after the screening, including Adilkhan Yerzhanov who is a director, scriptwriter and editor for the film, the leading actors Daniyar Alshinov and Dinara Baktybayeva, co-scriptwriter Roelof Jan Minneboo, producer Serik Abishev, DOP Aydar Sharipov and production designer Yermek Utegenov.

During the press conference Yerzhanov mentioned he sees “A Dark, Dark Man” as a noir: “This is first of all a genre film”. The screening was immediately followed by complimentary press reviews: the movie was named “beautiful, ironic, sophisticated”, “a fascinating auteur thriller” and was bowed to for its “harsh splendor”. Yerzhanov’s film was called by many one of festival’s most interesting and outstanding films. The president of San Sebastian International Film Festival Jose Luiz Rebordinos, as he mentioned in one of his recent interviews, quite shared this opinion.

A Dark-Dark Man” tells the story of a detective Bekzat (Daniyar Alshinov) who investigates a case of a child murder. He wants to close the case as soon as possible because the local policemen have already found a crime perpetrator - a harmless local moron Pukuar (Teoman Khos).  But when a journalist Ariana (Dinara Baktybayeva) comes from the city, everything falls apart. Now Bekzat must conduct a real investigation, following procedure, for the first time in his career.

As a reminder, last year “A Dark-Dark Man” (working title “Kuandyk”) won the pitching of projects at the Almaty Film Festival and received a launch from Astana Film Fund. The general producers of the film are Akan Satayev and Ernar Kurmashev.

The San Sebastian International Film Festival is one of the oldest A-Class film festivals in the world (along with Cannes, Berlin and Venice).