Film “The Gentle Indifference of the World” was released on DVD in France

Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s film The Gentle Indifference of the World” (2018) was released on DVD in France. The distributor is a french company Arizona Distribution. 400 out of 1500 copies in its first edition will be available in public and education institutions of France, including libraries. The rest of the copies went on sale in medium-to-large shopping malls across the country. DVD-s are also available for purchasing online via Arizona Distribution web-store.  As a DVD bonus there is Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s another film of 2014 “The Owners”.

Arizona Distribution is a unit of the Arizona Productions, a production company participated in production of the film “The Gentle Indifference of the World” along with Astana Film Fund and  Short Brothers. The film had its world premiere in France as well,  as a part of the 71st Cannes Film Festival in “Un Certain Regard” section. The film took part in numerous prestigious film festivals around the world and won many awards, and was also nominated for the Asian Oscar - Asia-Pacific Screen Awards in two categories at once - for "Best Film" and "Best Script". The film was also nominated for the prestigious Russian NIKA Award.

 “I am grateful to my French colleagues and viewers for their interest in my film. And I am glad that “The Owners” was added as a bonus - it’s nice to think that someone will watch two films at once, which, despite the difference, are similar in form and mood” - said Adilkhan Yerzhanov.

The film tells the story of Saltanat (Dinara Baktybayeva) and her loyal admirer Kuandyk (Kuandyk Dyussembayev).

Saltanat is forced to leave her countryside and go to the city, where she is expected to barter herself to pay off the large family debt and save her mother from jail.

Kuandyk wants to save Saltanat. He goes to the city with Saltanat and tries to earn money. But it is impossible to quickly make money in the big city if you have no education and no skills.

Although life keeps dealing them bad hands, Saltanat and Kuandyk never give up, no matter what the odds.