“Night God” to be screened in Japan and Sweden

Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s film “Night God” will participate at two prestigious world film screenings. 29th Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival will be held from 13 to 19 September in Japan, which has “Night God” in its section “New and Much Talked About Films from Asia”. Earlier the film will be shown at the Festival of Kazakh cinema in Sweden, which will be held from 28 August to 1 September. The feature was made by “Kazakhfilm” studio with “Short Brothers” participation. So, cinephiles of Asia and Europe, both can be pleased once again by this auteur fantasy-drama of 2018, which had its premiere at the 40th Moscow International Film Festival.

Night God” tells the story of a tired man (played by Bajmurat Zhumanov), wandering in the maze of a deserted city with his teenage-daughter (Aliya Zainalova), where all residents in fear await the appearance of some mythical being, a Night God. A legendary film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum described the film as “a spellbinder by a master of sound and image and a poet of dispossession”.

“This is phantasmagoria, mythological deconstruction of the plot, fiction, abstraction - this is the film’s form. It’s good that such experiment also has its own platforms with the audience. I am glad. There, the cameraman’s titanic work with light - everything was shot without natural light, the excellent work of the art director and the whole crew,” - Adilkhan Yerzhanov talked about the film.

Visually, the scenes of the apocalyptic metropolis, frozen in eternal winter, populated by both real people and fantastic creatures, were created with the participation of Yerzhanov’s permanent set designer Yermek Utegenov and director of photography Yedige Nessipbekov. The music for the film was created by the composer Nurassyl Nuridin, the film was produced by Serik Abishev and Olga Khlasheva.

Last year, “Night God” was shown in Paris as part of a retrospective of Adilkhan Yerzhanov at the L’Etrange Film Festival: the French public had the opportunity to watch all the director’s movies that he personally presented. Also, the film took part in film festivals in Canada, India, Indonesia, Russia and Kazakhstan. In July of this year, the film was shown in a limited release in the cinemas of our country.